Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wednesday of Carnival week in Provincetown

The weather in Provincetown took a dramatic turn for the better Wednesday and was absolutely spectacular. It was one of those hot sunny days that never got oppressive because of a steady ocean breeze. Both the beach and the Boatslip (an alternative to the beach) was jammed packed. As a matter of fact by 12 noon, the Boatslip had run out of chairs; not that there was any space to place additional chairs if they had them.

For those who prefer a quieter, less crowded vacation, Provincetown is not the place to come. This tiny little village at the very tip of the Cape becomes so overcrowded that I sometimes wonder how it doesn't end up sinking into the ocean. I've bumped into Mo Rocca again. Remember him? I posted our picture from the 4th of July after he came out last month in my post, Mo Rocca: a little more 'mo now. Also super blogger and former MenOfTwitter, Andy Towle from the Towleroad blog is also here.

Provincetown will only get more crowded as today progresses. The annual Carnival Parade will begin in the afternoon but more will be arriving with the morning ferries and by car to get here in time for all the fun.

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