Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My favorite bars in Boston's South End

Here are a few of my favorite South End bars. Although this is not an exhaustive list (nor is it in any particular order), should you find yourself in my neighborhood on any given evening, there is a strong likelihood you'd find me at one of these fine establishments.

Sister Sorel This tiny shoebox of a bar is equal parts shabby and gabby. People congregating around the tiny bar and tapered candles and easily strike up conversation. The drinks here are great and the bar staff is very friendly. You can follow Sister Sorel on twitter thru the head chef and own at twitter.com/AndyHusbands.

Fritz This is the only gay bar on my list, although all these places draw a very mixed crowd. This sports bar is perfect for watching a game or just enjoying some afternoon drinks since it is one of the few places I've included that has large windows open to the street. I love their bloody mary's on the weekends; otherwise I stick to beer at Fritz. You can "like" them on FB here.

28 Degrees Named after the ideal temperature to serve a martini this is one of the neighborhood's premiere lounges. I have to say, I'm not a fan of their olives (I've never actually met an olive I didn't like til 28 degrees), but I love everything else about the place. If its nice out, grab some cocktails and nibble on apps on their comfy patio. Follow on twitter at, 28degreesBoston.

Noche I prefer to go on Thursday nights when many guys from the n'hood are likely to stop by. Andy is the very friendly bar tender and he makes a mean dirty martini. I know that my friend Sean disapproves of the stemware, but I overlook it for the company and Plymouth Gin they pour so freely. They too are on twitter at, NocheBoston.

Stella Just down Washington Street, this restaurant always attracts a crowd. I'm partial to the bar at the back of the restaurant which is open on weekends. Stella is great if you have a melange of drinkers; beer lovers, wine connoisseurs and cocktail aficionados can all drink in harmony here. You can "like" them on FB here.

Franklin Cafe Dimly lit and often times loud, I grabbed dinner at this neighborhood mainstay for the first time in over a year and got to chatting with the extremely handsome bartender, Scott, who only works on Wednesdays. Considering I'm now planning to make this a somewhat regular pit stop (yeah - I'm that shallow), I wanted to be sure to include them on my list of places. Active on twitter, you can follow them at, FranklinCafe.

South End neighborhood bars I still miss (may they R.I.P.)
Pho Republique - I still wimper at the loss of this funky enclave and wish it would return.
Rocca - In the end your menu drove me away, but your lounge was simply the best the South End had to offer and I miss my after work cocktails and your hip-n-handsome staff.
The Waltham Tavern - I'm joking... just curious if any locals bothered to read the entire post!


Healthcare Social Network said...

The layout is what really caught my eye, then the i looked at the writing and i think you did a very nice job. Good work:)

Liam said...

Love all your picks. Sister Sorel is one of the best (unofficial) gay hang spots.

AJohnP said...

The Waltham Tavern comment totally made me do a double take. I used to be afraid to walk by it, never mind enter it!!!