Thursday, August 25, 2011

Taylor Northridge

For the past week, my very good friend and former roommate, his wife and their 10-month daughter, Taylor, have been staying with us. Its been fantastic for me to catch up, relax and chat with Mom, Dad and to meet Taylor for the first time.

This trip was full of firsts for Taylor. It was the first time she met me and a lot of her Dad's friends, it was the first time she saw rain (they live in Austin which is in the midst of a terrible drought) and the first time she was on a swing (which she enjoyed quite a bit). There were some other firsts related to her diet which caused her Mom to raise her eyebrows and threaten Dad with diaper duty. However, all told it was a very pleasant week and now I'll miss them quite a bit as I hug them goodbye and wish them safe travels back to Austin, TX.

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