Monday, August 1, 2011

Facebook games - huh?

I joined FB earlier this year, because I want my blog posts to be visible there, although it results in so little traffic as compared to Twitter I have to wonder if I've set it up all wrong. There are so many things about FB that leave me scratching my head wondering "huh?"

My question of the week regarding FB is regarding the game requests I've noticed but ignored in my left margin. I now have 10 game requests. Do you use the games feature? Is it like playing online scrabble or something? Just so you know, I prefer my games to involve drinks do they have such games on FB?

3 comments: said...

Bos, the laughable thing about Facebook games is that they don't even offer the decency to give you harder levels - it's just a same waste of time and they never get harder. I'd block any application for games from FB.

Writer said...

I don't play any of the games on Facebook. I seriously thought about it when Lady Gaga started a version of Farmville, but I use Facebook more to share news and politics, sometimes stuff I put on my blog and sometimes now.

The way you are with FB is the same way I was with Twitter, which is why I gave it up. LOL

Alan Bennett Ilagan said...

Yes, I block all those games and Farmville nonsense. If you block enough, eventually the annoyances slow down a bit - but it does take a while.