Thursday, August 11, 2011

NYC Underwear Run

Fellow blogger over at DanNation included a write-up about NYC's 1.7 mile "Underwear Run", which took place last week (August 5th) in Central Park. The run drew a bit more than 500 participants. You can read his posting, here and you can check out the YT video from this year's event here.

However, I have to say it seems pretty lame that there were only 500 runners. C'mon NYC, where is your sense of adventure? Boston's annual Santa Speedo Run in December (which is capped at 500) sells out in minutes.

An underwear run in Central Park in August actually sounds delightful. I'd even do the run if I lived in NYC. I hope next year a few more of you will check your modesty at the door and participate in what looks like a very fun run.

Here's the video from the 2010 Boston Santa Speedo Run.

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