Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pictures from NYC

Here are some random pictures from my trip to New York City last weekend. LinkI loved this vintage Leather Daddy photo. Its reminiscent of Tom of Finland don't you think? I saw this in a leather shop down in the West Village.

This giant sculpture entitled "Echo" was created by Spanish sculpture, Jaume Plensa and is on display in the Madison Square Park on Madison Avenue and 23rd Street. The oversized sculpture is hard to miss and evoked strong reactions by everyone I saw while I was there.

I'm a man of refined taste and extremely cultured so of course I went to one of New York's premiere museums...well actually I only went to the gift shop - I was pressed for time.

Hmm... you know you're really pretty gay when you find yourself walking down a street in New York City, look up and think, "So that's where all those designers go with Tim Gunn".
I've always loved the Fuller Building which was first completed back in 1902. The building also referred to as the Flatiron Building is another example of the amazing architecture NYC offers.


Nik_TheGreek said...

The pictures didn't come up correctly or I simply can't see them... :-(

truthspew said...

We have a building here in Providence that is very similar to the Flatiron.

It's called the Turk's Head Building.