Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weekend in NYC

On Friday morning I'll be joined by my good friend, Paul, and we will hop on Acela to head into NYC for a couple nights of fun. We don't really have any plans other than arrival and departure times and where we'll be crashing.

Past preferences have led me to book hotel rooms in the West Village, Tribeca and SoHo. I'm simply not a fan of the crush of tourists and inhuman scale of Midtown; not to mention its where I have to stay for work. For this visit I booked a stay at the Strand Hotel. Located in the "heart of the fashion district" (that bit I stole from their website), the hotel is pretty convenient at 33 West 37th Street between the Avenue of the Americas and 5th Avenue.
The hotel has a roofdeck lounge that also looks very appealing called appropriately enough "Top of the Strand". I'm looking forward to some early evening cocktails there before heading out. We'll see what this little adventure brings us. Neither Paul nor I are all that NYC-savvy and on past trips we've ended up mostly walking around aimlessly. Should you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment.


John Gray said...

oh what I wouldnt give for a weekend in a nice hotel a stones throw from grand central!

David Dust said...

The Mistress Maddie is visiting me this weekend, and we'll be gladhandling strippers at the Urge Lounge in the East Village on Saturday night - come join us! Seriously.


Anonymous said...

"Mostly Mozart" at Lincoln Center!


airchristophe said...

Hello, might I suggest a walk at The Highline Park ... An urban elevated park created on old railroad tracks on the south western side of Manhattan ... Enjoy your weekend

Alan Bennett Ilagan said...

I don't suppose you're going to be fighting the crowds in the final days of the Alexander McQueen show? I hear it's totally worth it... (and I'm kicking myself for not having made the trip.)