Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mo Rocca (a little more 'Mo now)

I met Mo Rocca in Provincetown, MA this past 4th of July, and have to say he was so delightful and interesting to talk to. If you're not familiar with Mo Rocca, he regularly appears on Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! and is a former contributor to The Daily Show.

I always assumed that this 'Mo was out and proud, but apparently Mr. Rocca had always kept his sexuality in the closet so to speak... that is until today.

Welcome to "The Club" Mo... but let's be honest, with a name like Mo it's not a huge surprise.


Blobby said...

My fave of his was during the 2000 election and he was trying to interview Al Sharpton. I was DYING.

Bob said...

So, Mo's a mo!

Welocme to the club!

Anonymous said...

I remember him on The Daily Show. He was very funny.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I love when he's on Wait, Wait.

That is one of my favorite shows, up there with This American Life and Radiolab.

Todd X. said...

Too cute! But I thought we all knew he was part of the family. No straight is that witty. :)