Sunday, July 31, 2011

Zipcar Low-Car Diet: Week 1

Monday, August 1st signals the start of the second week of the Zipcar low-car diet program. The intention of the program is to encourage people to use alternative forms of transportation both to live a healthier life and reduce our dependency on our cars. I wrote a bit about the program last week in my post, Zipcar low-car diet 2011. You can also find out more by visiting,

This past week Sergio and I have forgone our car, which ironically is in the shop. For the most part we've relied on our bicycles and walking to get from point-A to point-B. I have not used a single taxi cab or driven even a .1 of a mile this first week, which I'm fairly certain is a first for me.

How have we modified our lifestyle to accommodate the low-car diet? We've increased the amount we walk and use our bicycles much more. For example Sergio has used his bike to get to and from the college he teaches. I'm rather proud of him for being such a good sport and doing this since I never consulted him about participating in the Zipcar program. I may have caused irreversible harm to our local economy by forsaking taxi cabs. I'm not sure if there has been a solid week since moving to Boston in the late 90s that I have not used a car. All I can say to Boston taxi drivers is I'm sorry. However, I have to admit - I don't mind the walking (even when its late after a fun night out at the bars).


David Dust said...

It's just so foreign to me (now that I've lived in NYC for almost 20 years) that it's a big deal to not drive. 90% of my weeks go by without me getting into a car. I rarely take cabs - just the subway and lots of walking.

But then I remember when I lived in PA and how we would drive EVERYWHERE - even to the store which was a couple blocks away.

So GREAT JOB - keep it up.


KayElizSmith said...

I am jealous! I wished I lived/worked where I could walk or bike. Living in Chelsea and working in N. Andover doesn't really make that too easy. I miss living in the city!

In fact, all the sitting that I do between my commute and my office job has taken a toll on my body (hips/back). I have to find ways to get more walking into my daily routine.