Saturday, July 16, 2011

Whose Town?

The Boston Globe has a great section to the paper called "Your Town", which features local news from specific neighborhoods and towns around Boston.

The "news" section from "Your Town" also includes feeds from local bloggers. Yours truly has had posts on this site in the past, but a quick look at the Your Town: South End might make Bostonians wonder what is going on. Nearly every story appears to be about hotels in Chicago and Orlando... Oh yeah, and lets not forget about the article about the 405 shutting down today in Los Angeles. Glad that was there!

Perhaps this section of The Boston Globe should be called "Some Other Town". You can click on the image below to enlarge the image. Its sort of comical.


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BosGuy said...

LOL... you are correct! So much for my late night posting. This is the second time I've done something like this when posting late at night!

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