Friday, July 29, 2011

David Williams Rugby God

I felt the need to up my quotient of #ManCandy on my site. You see I love writing on my blog, but from time to time I just get jealous of all those blogs that have such handsome and alluring photos of men. You can find more photos of David on the Man Crush of the day blog who by coincidence also recently featured him in a post.

Back in early June I included a photograph of the jaw-dropping, hunky model, David Gandy. This time I opted to post photos of a jock who has caught my eye recently. If you'd like to learn more about this Australian hunk you can check out his page on Wikipedia here.

WranglerMan would be so proud of me for this post, although he does prefer his #ManCandy in uniform and playing ball rather than looking pretty.


DeepBlue said...

Writing is good, but sometimes, like they say, a picture is worth.... ;)

Lizzie Walker said...

Love me some Dave Williams! There are quite a few Man Candy Wars going on through the Blogs. ;-)

You can always come and visit mine on Mondays. Or just come and visit!

Buddy Bear said...

Rugby players have such beefy thighs, don't they? I can help but think what it would be like to be in between them.

Rob from VA said...

David Williams is one of the most beautiful men alive. Ruggers are pretty hot, and he is exhibit A.


truthspew said...

He is gorgeous!

WranglerMan said...

I am so happy that you have discovered the delights of Egg Chasers! And you will be more than delighted, when I introduce you to some of the moves that make ruggers such a delight!