Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm a lucky S.O.B.

I rarely talk about my work, because I think that there are so many more interesting things to discuss. However, every once in awhile I feel the need to share. Because I work from home, my work hours can be somewhat unorthodox. However, I recognize that there are many people who have longer and more demanding days no matter how chaotic my week may be.

I have to admit that I also think that I do a very good job of disengaging from work and managing my down time. So today when I received a notice from my firm's HR department regarding my vacation time I was wondering if I'd incorrectly filled out my time for the 4th of July holiday.

Imagine my surprise when upon reading the email I was receiving a notice asking me to consider taking more vacation time because I had maxed out the amount of vacation hours I was allowed to bank. According to the email, I need to schedule time off otherwise I'll stop accruing vacation time. The email went on to describe how having a healthy work-life balance is important and I should speak to my manager about scheduling time away from the office.

I suppose the email came right in a nick of time. One week from today, I will be taking a few days to enjoy more fun in Provincetown. I also have a week's vacation time scheduled for the second week of August.

I'm a lucky S.O.B.


the island guy said...

Livin the good life there sir! :)

Peter said...

As one who's working from home too, I mostly forget time, and before I know it I've made more hours then others do in a normal working day.

Enjoy the time off with your hubby, if he can get time of too. Life is to short so make the most of it.

Liam said...

Yeah, that happens to me all the time (eye roll -- LOL). Enjoy the earned down-time. Heading to PT in August, as well. Carnival!!

BosGuy said...

Liam, lets connect and say hello in person if we are there at the same time.

Kyle said...

Bosguy, Stan runs into the same problem with his sick time and vacation. Each year HR generally tells him he needs to take time or he will loose it.