Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fitness update

So who has fallen off the exercise band wagon and who has been good about getting themselves to the gym?

After I tweaked my left shoulder in early May, I've had to scale back my lifting. The result has been the loss of a bit of muscle mass and definition, but once I'm 100% again, my trainer will whip me into shape in no time.

I've tried to use the past 8+ weeks to focus on abs and running. While my core has been getting stronger, running has been frustrating more often than not. My run this afternoon broke a string of bad runs. I felt as if I could've run another mile or two but stopped at 4miles. I completed the run in 35 minutes which is a solid time for me.

Based on some recent experimenting I've found that I have better runs if I eat a couple of hours before; refrain from drinking coffee; and if I throw in a bit of weight lifting or some other exercise to get my heart rate up before I start my run.

Help keep me focused and tell me what you've been doing to stay in shape.


A Lewis said...

I haven't been to the gym in months. But, like a nice boy, I keep on paying my $26 a month.

Blobby said...

Three years of continual gym and I've been stymied by a mental block. I still go, but my head and heart are not into it....and I know that is a slippery slope.

I need to do something before it becomes a problem.

Jason Shaw said...

Oh golly gosh, I've not been to the gym for like, errm almost a year!

Eiiks I feel so bad, but the Hershey makes me feel better! teehee.

I'm not that much of a bloater, I have just come back from a 20 mile cycle ride!

Have a great week.

WranglerMan said...

Call me! We'll talk!

Fresco said...

Swimming in a rooftop hotel pool in Athens :-)

Kyle said...

Since our gym equipment is in the house, there isn't any excuse not to use it. You keep running, I'll stick to walking several days, especially in the middle of summer.