Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Provincetown sights

Provincetown is blessed with beautiful dunes and gorgeous beaches. It is also amazingly quaint in its own way with beautiful homes, tiny streets and paths that lead to beautiful gardens with ocean views. However, this isn't that kind of post. The sights listed are a sampling of some of the people who caught my attention this past weekend.

Some of these people I had the opportunity to chat with and enjoyed meeting. Others I just admired from a distance. I have included more images of "the sights" from Provincetown in a video I created which is in the following post.

I hope you enjoy the sights.

A very sexy Daddy taking in the rays

Reality TV guy, Reichen (didn't seem v. interested in his new BF)

Late Tea Dance - Really just an excuse to keep dancing

Shirtless men... need I say more?

Me and Mo Rocca posing pretty


the island guy said...

wow I'm loving your blog. I look forward to more : )

SteveA said...

Love the 6 pack on those guys!

Buddy Bear said...

I'd love to go there one day! Lucky you to live so close!

Ace said...

Sigh. I wish I could have stayed longer last weekend. I'm trying to see about going down for Carnival week, at least for some of it. I need to get a full Ptown fix in before summer is over.

And I've heard not-so-great things about the way Reichen treats his boyfriends. But that could all be just rumors. I kinda believe them though.


Dean Grey said...

I've never been to Provincetown so thanks for showing us a glimpse of what it has to offer!


Dwight Supremacy said...

This makes me regret the decision to take this year off in visiting Ptown. :( But glad you had a blast! :)