Sunday, July 3, 2011

South End cheap eats

The South End is not a restaurant district, but it certainly has many options for Foodies and in my opinion some of Boston's most interesting dining establishments. Unfortunately, it may cost you more than $50 to have a meal if you don't know where some of the South End's best cheap eats are located.

I thought I'd make a list of a few cheap eats that do this neighborhood proud. I only considered restaurants that are open for dinner and have table service.

ADDIS RED SEA is an authentic Ethiopian restaurant located in the heart of the neighborhood on Tremont Street. Ethiopian cuisine is surprisingly flavorful and a bit exotic at least by my standards. Main dishes range in price with most falling between $8-$15; sharing dishes will make a stop here even more affordable.

ANCHOVIES is nestled discretely on Columbus Avenue and it serves up good home style Italian-American cooking. Main dishes for dinner all come with bread and a house salad and range from $12-$15.

Columbus Cafe is located on the corner of Columbus Ave and Claremont Park. The cozy restaurant and bar also has a small street side patio for al fresco dining. The menu is filled with comfort food all reasonably priced with main dishes ranging from $11-$19.

ORINOCO is a rustic Venezuelan restaurant on Shawmut Avenue, just a few blocks up from Mass Ave. Their coooking nicely blends flavors I normally associate with Latin American and the Caribean cooking. If you are lucky, you can snag a seat outside at one of the few tables they have. Main dishes range from $8-$19.

PICCO Just across the street from ADDIS RED SEA is the Pizza & Ice Cream Co. (PICCO). The menu is mostly pizza, sandwiches and pasta. This place has a large patio that also provides excellent people watching. Main dishes range from $8-$14. For an even cheaper option; split a large pizza and delicious dessert. (I like the brownie sundae.)

What are some of your favorite cheap eats for dinner?


SteveA said...

I've been to South End a few times, but I've never been to any of these - I'm back in Sept so might consider a few of them! Thanks

Rick said...

Thanks for the suggestions. Will have to check them out next time I'm in town.

Liam said...

Addis Red Sea is among my favorites, but none of my friends will go. Any time you're in an Ethiopian mood, drop me a line and I'm there!

izzy said...

did you know ALL the Aquitaine Group restaurants (aquitaine, metropolis, gaslight, union) have an early dining value option? It's called the BTR (beat the rush) menu. for the first hour of every day you can get an appetizer, entree, dessert & glass of wine for under $30! i know this is a total sales pitch for our restaurants, but i figured if you're gunna do a story on southend joint and food i should weigh in. hope it helps.