Thursday, July 7, 2011

I've got the music in me

Yesterday I was working out with my trainer at the Boston Sports Club SouthEnd when movement out of the corner of my eye distracted me from the ridiculous ab routine Stu had concocted to try and tire me. Glancing over my left shoulder, I saw an attractive guy in his mid-20s shaking his money-maker. The little jig made me laugh, but I applauded his energy as he sat back down on the bench to continue with his work out.

Through out the evening his dance routine continued between reps, while waiting in line for water and even walking from one spot to the next. It was always the same albeit fairly involved. The dance moves seemed to invigorate him and entertain everyone in the gym. I turned to my trainer between stifled laughs and said "only in the SouthEnd". I'm pretty sure he was aware of the attention and enjoyed it as much as I appreciated the distraction between sets.

I'm hopeful I'll be seeing more of twinkletoes (my nickname for the handsome young man) and if I'm lucky, I'll even break out my phone to try and tape one of his routines. On the off chance anyone reading this works out at the BSC SouthEnd, have you seen this guy before? Do you know him?

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