Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Red Sox and Yankees play this week

The Boston Red Sox start a 3-game series with the New York Yankees tonight. This is the last time the two teams will face each other in Boston during the regular season. Last week I wrote a post, Boston Sports Bars, and I'm pretty sure that all of these locations will be busy through out the 3-game series. Will you be watching these games? If so, where?

Photo from the blog odd jack


Anonymous said...

Don't care much about baseball, but I love seeing bearded men kiss. So masculine and sexy - grrr!

Loki's Log said...

Go Phillies!

Ace said...

My best friend from college and I are both moving to Boston on the 1st. She is a Yankees fan and I am a die-hard Red Sox fan. This series couldn't be any more perfectly timed.