Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday fitness update

Since writing my entry Back to the gym prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, I've been chatting with a few guys who also want to make a concerted effort to meet personal fitness goals so we've been motivating each other with emails through the week to help remind each other how important it is to make time for the gym.
Although I'm in lovely Puerto Rico for my cousin's wedding, I wanted to be sure I posted this update about my activities. The discipline I exhibited at the start of the week is no where to be found at the moment, but I know when I return to frigid Boston, the gym will beckon again - if only from my feelings of guilt about over-indulging while here.

Saturday - November 27th My trainer, Stu, and I have agreed to change my sessions which primarily comprised of full-body workouts using light weights and kettlebells to free weights to help me build more muscle. So on Saturday, we fixated on chest and back, which kicked my butt. Following the workout I was not as sore as I expected so I'm going to have to ask Stu to push me harder when we meet again on Monday.
Sunday - November 28th I shaved 90 seconds off my second run, which was gratifying but running 3 miles in 0:32:30 still is not something that makes me happy. I'd like to run 3 miles in under 30 minutes and then be able to work up enough endurance to run at that speed for 35-45 minutes 2-3 times a week. I'm pretty confident that this is a manageable goal; its just a matter of getting into shape. I have no intentions of running long distance - rather I just want to build up my cardio and use this exercise to help me tame my waist.
Monday - November 29th I've now been to the gym 3 times in as many days. This has to be some sort of record dating back to the summer and it really paid off when I met with my trainer, Stu. Today we spent an hour (with minimal goofing off) working out my shoulders and triceps. I'd like to be able to lift heavier weights but I think I handled myself admirably. In a strange sort of way I'm hoping that I'll be a bit sore tomorrow - it really is how I judge how solid my work outs have been.
Tuesday - November 30th The incoming emails of encouragement and the fact I will be travelling later this week inspired me to do something unheard of - I went to the gym for a fourth day in a row. Today I just did a quick run and I'm glad to say that despite my heart rate beating away at a 170+, I ran 3 miles in 0:30:30 - that's 10% faster than my time on Friday, November 26th. Hopefully heading to Puerto Rico for my cousins wedding will not knock me to far off the wagon and I'll be able to get a run or two in while there.


Well, that's all for the week. Wednesday was my last day in the office before leaving for Puerto Rico and I spent the night at the Garden cheering on the Celtics with my Dad and then Thursday I boarded my morning flight to Puerto Rico. More to share about working out and life outside the gym will follow later next week after I return home.

Be well and feel free to email me if you want to talk about meeting your own personal fitness goals.


WranglerMan said...

Good post!

This is a very good start!

See you in the gym on Monday!!!

Wonder Man said...

I should get a trainer

Loki's Log said...


You are killing it man. Keep up the awesome fire.