Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tumblr vs. BosGuy

Several months ago I was wooed by rave reviews and all sorts of accolades from the media to set up an account with tumblr. The depth of my knowledge with regards to technology is painfully shallow, which I was quickly reminded of as soon as I created my account. I also realized no matter how "easy" the site is to create - its far from intuitive.

I opted to ignore the site I had created earlier this year until today. After much fussing I've been able to customize it a bit more. My goal is to have posts from this blog show up on tumblr, and its happening - sort of. The appearance / layout is far from desireable, and I still can't figure out how to make all the changes I want. Ignoring my urge to hurl my laptop from my 4th floor apartment (no matter how cathartic and satisfying that may be), I've temporarily admitted defeat.

Round 1 (Summer): Tumblr
Round 2 (December): Tumblr

Will the next round result in a knock out?


Cubby said...

What can you do with Tumblr that you can't do here?

Dave said...

Oh, I so hear/feel your pain. After much anguish, I've given up. You have this here, what more do you need? It seems that tumblr is more for people with no content of their own, so they just re-post each others' photos and content. (Or, am I missing something there??)

WranglerMan said...

I love you here, BosGuy. Tumblr is good, but it can be incredibly frustrating! Stick to this site.

No matter where, I'll follow you...even to the depths of hell and back!

BosGuy said...

I didn't start the Tumblr account with any intention to leave Blogger, it was more to familiarize myself w/ it. Part of my job at work is to leverage the web and new media effectively and I thought this was an interesting site. I'm quickly becoming disillusioned.

Wranglerman - I have a new found respect for you because you seem to have such a good site.

WickedGayBlog.com said...

I too created a Tumblr account and you are correct, it is not intuitive at any level. I consider myself to pretty techie when it comes to most anything online and after a couple of hours of frustration with Tumblr (and the fact that it seems so stripped down in terms of functionality) I gave up.

Kyle said...

I'm with Dave on this one. It's great if you just want to throw(or view) misc crap together, but doesn't offer much beyond that.

raulito said...

They pulled me by the hair into the 21st century whether I liked it or not...computers are my nemesis and my friends...I had a similar experience and I am still having troubles with the Google set up. I don't understand for example why if I assign a type face and a size it then shows up then times bigger and a different type face.
the photos don't really take the positions you assign it and it is frustrating since you only get to see it all after it is published...then you back track to fix it...it is a pain in the culo.'

I love your blog and hope you don't get too discouraged.


R.J. said...

I haven't tried Tumbler but after seeing this and what some of my online friends experience I don't think I want to.