Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thinking of nothing

Earlier tonight I had dinner with my brother and two friends we bumped into at Geoffrey's. During the course of dinner one of the ladies asked earnestly, "Is it true that men think about sex every 15 seconds?"

I'm not sure where this statistic comes from (it sounds like something Freud would have coined), but I'm not unfamiliar with it. However, after giving the question thought for a moment I realized I spend as much of my time as possible not thinking. I am a veritable tabula rasa (no religious overtones intended rather I defer to the literal meaning of a blank slate).

At times I obsess about work, often I fixate on food and I do worry about those I care about, but truthfully, thinking of nothing is my preferred and default state of mind. I'm pretty sure I am not the only person who feels this way, although it was clear neither of the two women at dinner seem to have any 'down time' with regards to thinking.

What do you spend most of your time thinking about these days?


R.J. said...

Finances, just like everyone else where I live because times are rough and there's no end in sight. With every passing month I hear about a friend or a friend of a friend who got laid off or has to move because they can't find another job. It's like the never ending nightmare.

Sex every fifteen seconds? Maybe when I was in my late teens.

WranglerMan said...

Sometimes I worry about my life. Am I good at what I do? Is it worthwhile? Will I make a difference? Concentrating on what I do have and realizing that there are people who are worse off than I gets me back on track!

Lately, though, I've been doing a great deal of thinking about running in a speedo with a new friend alongside me similarly attired in next year's Santa Speedo Run in Boston. ;-)

Tracey said...

This is so funny and I am not sure we women totally believe you men when you are say are "thinking about nothing!" I on the other hand think about 15 things every 1 second. I am not sure what that says about me?

Anonymous said...

The source of many fights between my (gay) husband and I. Him: "What are you thinking about?" Me: "Nothing." Him: "How is that possible?! Really, what are you thinking about?!" Me: "..."

The other big one is Him: "You're quiet" Me: "I'm always quiet."

Not all men are wired the same way apparently.

Anonymous said...

I really love your blog - so well written and very informative.

Lenny Donnarumma said...

Lately, I've been thinking where I will be in 2011. I know change is inevitable for me.

Scary but hopefully it will be good. Things happen for a reason and I'm as ready as I'll ever be! Merry Christmas!

SteveA said...

It was a great conversation opener - maybe she was trying to hot on you or your company!

I try to also not think about sex - although sometimes it is a challenge :)