Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mass. has fewest uninsured children

Massachusetts is a very progressive (in my opinion the most progressive) state in the country. There are many examples of this (gay marriage anyone?) However, when The Boston Globe reported earlier this week that Mass. has the fewest uninsured children in the nation, I felt the need to brag.

How a society treats and cares for the most vulnerable in their community says a great deal about them. In recent months / years there has been a lot of discussion about what "we" as a nation can afford as it pertains to healthcare. My opinion is outside of mainstream - I view access to affordable and quality healthcare as an "unalienable right" inextricably tied to the Declaration of Independence promise of the "Pursuit of Happiness."

Nearly 10% of children in the US are uninsured. By contrast 1.7% of children in Mass. are uninsured. Many who are critical of universal care will point to failings in my state's program, but I say kudos to Mass. for recognizing this as an important issue and trying their best. All residents, but especially our children, the elderly and sick - deserve to have access to quality care.


VpO said...

Agreed! I'd rather pay a little more in taxes for this!

And you're right, I think Mass. is the most progressive state in the country. Def. something to brag about!

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