Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Puerto Rico

I returned from Puerto Rico this evening and although I love my apartment, I wish I was still there. Last Thursday, I left for Puerto Rico to see my cousin, Mike, marry his long time girl friend, Kate, at the el Conquistador Resort. I'm so glad that I went to this wedding - it was so much fun and the setting was spectacular.

The day after the wedding - on Saturday - we left to check into La Concha Hotel in San Juan. As my previous post indicates, I tweeted through out the vacation with images (thanks to TweetPic) including restaurant meals, men who caught my eye and beautiful vistas. I've included a couple of the men who were at La Concha below but if you'd like to see everything you'll need to check out my profile on Twitter at www.Twitter.com/BosGuy.

Very handsome Spaniard who was on vacation with his wife
He was all smiles, unfortunately he only had eyes for his girlfriend.


A Lewis said...

Welcome back to reality!


Absolutely beautiful pictures...I need tomake my way to Puerto Rico asap!

Loki's Log said...

Since some parts of New York have already had several feet of snow, you can imagine how jealous we are in seeing your pics. Thanks for sharing and welcome home.

Kyle said...

Well, coming back here from Puerto Rica has to be a drag. Glad you had a good time. Love the beach shot!