Friday, December 17, 2010

Restaurant Review: Erbaluce

Erbaluce is located in the building that formerly was home to Dedo in Boston's Bay Village neighborhood. Dinner for two with appetizers, main dishes and dessert not including drinks or tip will run approximately $100.

The restaurant's menu cannot be found online because it changes daily, but its unmistakably Italian, including several pastas and main course dinner plates each night. The kitchen takes traditional Italian fare and turns it on its head by including ingredients not often pared but are delicious all the same.

Food and service at this restaurant was flawless. The wait staff was very knowledgeable and helpful with food and wine selection, plates were only taken once everyone was finished and requests were all managed with ease. However, despite the interesting menu, delicious food, and good service, I'm not certain I will rush back to this restaurant. Detracting from the dining experience was the poor condition and layout of the dining room. The building is in a serious need of a facelift; the carpeting is worn and stained, the room was chilled every time the front door opened and we were provided a point-blank view of the hectic and unattractive kitchen which is essentially open to view in the main dining area. These physical detractions in the end ultimately impact one's dining experience because they serve both to disappoint and distract.

There are an abundance of Italian restaurants in Boston that provide interesting menus and solid service in the same price range. I'd love to come back to Erbaluce if the building is remodeled and cleaned up a bit because menu options are certainly intriguing and absolutely worth trying.

First Plate: Speck with native apples, seasame and mint $14
Fettucini with roasted beats, sage and smoked prosciutto $22

Erbaluce 69 Church Street Boston, MA (617)426 6969
Reservations are strongly recommended
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Wonder Man said...

sounds good

SteveA said...

Thanks for the review! I'm not a huge fan of Italian although I'm heading out for some tonight with a friend of mine!

R.J. said...

That looks good!

Will said...

Looks good but awfully expensive for what sounds like a partially run down dining room and not even a glass of vino di tavola in that $100 check for two.

Kyle said...

Both dishes look and sound very good, but I'm choking on the prices.