Monday, December 13, 2010

2010 Santa Speedo Run video makes the rounds

Hello All - I'm taking a moment to brag about my Santa Speedo Run video which has been picked up by a number of different blogs lately. Dave over at WGB really got the ball rolling for me by posting my video and linking back to my little corner of the internet - thanks Dave.

Earlier today, I found out that Instinct Magazine picked up WGBs pictures and my video, which you can see here.

DanNation also picked up my clip and added a witty headline, which you can see here.

And this evening I came home from the gym to read that the Towleroad has posted my video.

I'm so happy everyone enjoyed it as much as I did and thanks to the handsome guy in his plaid underwear and all the others who offered to pose.

5 comments: said...

Well deserved!!!! You have a Fab blog and are a fab guy!



Peter said...

Rob, that must have been a fun run. And of course all for a good cause. Thanks for showing us Boston Finest, in this case not the police department, but the runners.

WranglerMan said...

And those blogs would really cover you, if you ran it!

So, my friend, let's do it...

Alan Bennett Ilagan said...

This makes me miss Boston... we have a smaller Santa Speedo run in Albany, but it's not the same... BTW, great video and pics!

Eric Arvin said...