Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Movie date with the nephews

This afternoon I stepped foot into the movie theatre for the first time in about 2 years. What movie did I see? Not Burlesque. Not Black Swan. No, the big movie date was with my two nephews - Jack (age 6) and Austin (age 4) - to see Yogi Bear.

I took the picture above of the two boys as they waited with breathless anticipation for the movie to start. They had everything they needed: 3D glasses, juice boxes and more popcorn than they could consume in one sitting.

My favorite quote this afternoon was from my nephew Jack after I ordered a small popcorn he said loud enough for all to hear "Why do they call that a small? That's not small."


Wonder Man said...

what fun

WranglerMan said...

Being the good uncle...bully for you!

Jack is a smart boy! He must take after you!

Loki's Log said...

Trust me they remember days like this forever

Anonymous said...

The boys announced this morning their favorite part of vacation was going to the movies with Uncle Rob. Thanks!!!!