Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ain't Nobody

I was listening to Pandora today and Ain't Nobody started to play. I'm not sure I've heard this song in a long time, but there are few women who's voices I love as much as Chaka Khan. What singers / bands from the past still evoke strong emotion when you hear them?


R.J. said...

The pre-Bobby Brown and cocaine Whitney Houston.

Poetry Is Life said...

such an oldy but goody

Anonymous said...

R.J. Nails it! I was doing a DJ gig at WDOM in Providence when the song "You Give Good Love" came out.

That song was requested so often that we actually wore a hole through the album.

Luckily we had the foresight to recognize a hit and so recorded it onto a magnetic cartridge.

But the vinyl got played enough and that is the story of the hole.

SteveA said...

That's a great song.

Believe it or not - Engelbert Humpledinck does bring out loads of emotion for me - don't laugh but his voice is awesome and my mom and sis loved his stuff and it robbed off on me!

The band "Boston" also does it for me as well!