Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Social media psychology

I've posted this picture before but since I've recently joined facebook the image has a whole new meaning for me (and maybe you). I have to admit this image appears dated with the MySpace reference (no disrespect intended to MySpace users).

If I were to create this today, I'd replace the reference to MySpace with foursquare and flip the location so Tweetalk straddled narcissism and ADHD and foursquare overlapped ADHD and stalking. It seems very appropriate to have facebook firmly in the narcissism circle.


Wonder Man said...

I believe it

Pac said...

Foursquare should be where Facebook is. You have to be narcissistic to think everyone cares where you are right now. (Guilty!) Plus, it's location-based which makes it natural for stalking. ("Oh my gosh, I'm mayor of Brad's closet!")