Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mystery Meet Boston: Tres Gatos

Earlier this month I attended my second Mystery Meet Boston event. The group which is comprised of food lovers and bloggers, hosts a monthly meet-up at a location in and around Boston the second Tuesday of each month. If you are a food blogger or avid foodie living in and around Boston, I'd suggest you check out the group.

This month the group met at JP's Tres Gatos, a funky Spanish tapas restaurant that also sells books and music. The tiny restaurant and bar has a definite cozy vibe and seems like a great addition to the neighborhood. Chef Marcos Sanchez was on hand to welcome us and cook the 4-course tasting menu for all of us. At the end of this entry I've included photos from each course. If curious, you can view the restaurant's menu here.

1st Plate Assorted Tapas: I thought this was the most disappointing of the four plates. In particular the radish shown at the top of the plate was both lacking flavor and not satisfying.
2nd Plate Gambas A La Plancha: If we eat food with our eyes, than this was my favorite in terms of presentation. The over sized prawns in a cilantro coulis did not disappoint.
3rd Plate Fideos: This included chorizo, chicken liver, mussels and was extremely flavorful.
4th Plate Queso: This included three cheeses. My favorite was the manchego but all of it was good. My only complaint was the portions for this plate were ridiculously tiny.
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A Lewis said...

It's funny that you'd mention radishes. they were the secret ingredient on Iron Chef America last night! A chef from right here in Portland won!

Daisy said...

Nice to read your take on the evening! I adored the first plate, I was totally into the simplicity of the radish and the cheese, but I guess it is not for everyone!! I agree the cheese plate was lacking in size. way too tiny!