Monday, April 18, 2011

FOXY Marathon Monday Party

This past Sunday a friend told me about the Foxy Action Group on Facebook, which organizes get togethers in Central Square every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month at ZUZU. Since I had Monday off (thanks to the marathon) I opted to check out the party and had a great time.

The bar is shabby-chic (okay maybe just plain shabby) and the crowd is distinctly Cambridge. For those not from the area, sorry for the local reference but its the only way I know to describe the vibe.

The crowd includes all ages and has a crunchy feel (not the usual preppy look which is so evident on the other side of the river). The handsome DJs played mostly 80s and funk. I don't normally go out on school nights so I'm really glad I had the chance to scope out this night. I hope that FOXY nights are here to stay and hope they can expand this to every Sunday. I'll definitely be back again.

I've included a couple of pictures that I snapped from my blackberry from last night. The quality is not great, but it's all I have to share.


Anonymous said...

I'm definitely going to check this out. I use to always go to Campus in central square and love that area. Looks like they had a large crowd is it always like that?

Never heard of this. Thx for sharing.

Hotels in India said...

Lots of fun and hard friends

Anonymous said...

if you're interested in gay alterna-nightlife, chekc out Fur & Gold, which happens the second friday of the month at the Alley. yeah, the downtown bear bar, but up in the balcony. Music is indie/aletrna rock/pop/dance/80s etc for a cute cool crowd, very much like foxy, but with bears/cubs mixing in from downstairs. dancing often breaks out, as if in someone's rec room!