Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kylie Minogue US Aphrodite Tour: Boston

Growing up in Boston has afforded me the opportunity to see nearly any musical act I'd like. Pop stars of all kinds at some point tour the US and a date (or dates) in Boston are almost always included. Kylie Minogue was an exception to this - that is until last night when her Aphrodite tour came to Boston. Ms Minogue started her North American tour earlier in the week in Montreal, but Boston was / is the first US city and she wasted no time acknowledging that to the crowds delight. However, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself...For those from outside the US, you may find it hard to believe, but Kylie Minogue is still a musician with very little name recognition. If she is known at all it would be more as a 1-hit wonder despite having a couple of hits here in the US (notably The loco-motion, Spinning around and Can't get you out of my head). The exception to this, would be with the gay community which seems to know nearly every song she's released, and every word to those songs. Kylie often stopped singing during her songs to let the crowd which was 80-90% gay men (a conservative estimate on my part) sing along to the songs.She plays several notable covers among my favorite was There must be an angel by the Eurythmics (but there are other gems included through out that both surprised and added to the show). If you'd like to see her set list for this tour you can check that out here. The crowd was already whipped into a frenzy by the time Kylie stepped on stage, but the energy level never really dipped or dropped at least not from where I was standing (some 10 rows back from the stage). Thank you Kylie for coming to Boston - I certainly hope you'll pay us a visit again. Included below are a few more pictures from the show as well as a video of a song I'm sure you'll recognize.

And finally, just a teaser of what you can expect if you are lucky enough to see Kylie on her US tour. This is from her Boston performance on Friday, April 29th.


Corve DaCosta said...

Glad you had fun

SteveA said...

Awesome - I remember Kylie from her days in the UK and the classic Stick Aitken and Waterman sound which made her a pop star on both sides of the Atlantic! Her affinity with the gay community must have been something of a fluke - she might have started to use hot gorgeous guys in her music videos and of course us men took this as enough to delve into Kylie's repertoire - well deserved - she is awesome!