Saturday, April 23, 2011

Chef BosGuy?

I cook dinner only 1-2 times a week, but last night's meal made me proud. I must have been channeling Julia Child, because something got into me and in lieu of ordering or eating out, I cooked a great dinner.

Earlier this week I purchased artichokes for the first time. I remember eating them at my Nana's house as a kid and I do love them, but I hadn't a clue how to cook them. All I can say is Thank God for YouTube: How To Prepare An Artichoke. Instructional videos like this one are so much more helpful than reading a "How to". I'm not a particularly adventurous chef. I tend to cook variations of the same 2-3 Italian meals my mother taught me; deferring to my nights dining out to try different plates.

Chez BosGuy
Chicken breast sauteed in olive oil w/ onions, carrots and sage
Couscous w/ blanched almond slivers and cranberries
Artichoke steamed and flavored with salt and the juice of 1 lemon

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Nick said...

I don't eat animals but everything else looks damn yummy. What was for dessert? You? ;)

Todd X. said...

Looks good!

Trickle Down BS said...

I haven't cooked artichokes since I went to culinary school in Dijon...I am not very fond of them.

But your menu looks appetizing otherwise...what time did you say you expected me for dinner?


Alan Bennett Ilagan said...

How did the artichoke turn out? It looks like a lovely meal - and I am especially impressed with the way the tulips perfectly match the dinner. Was that intentional?

A Lewis said...

Looks AMAZING and perfect. I love fellow foodies! (In spite of the fact that I'm with Nick on the animal thing....)

SteveA said...

Dude - this is so odd....I bought an artichoke today for the 1st time as I am having some friends over tomorrow for appies. And I got to thinking how do I prepare this....and then the link to you tube on your blog - thanks bro!

Next time I'm over - you need to cook me a meal :)

Rob from VA said...

First, Nick=cheeky.

Second, I'm certainly no cook, so I respect the ability of others to do so. I'm lucky when I don't overcook Spaghetti, various meats, etc.


Buddy Bear said...

Well done! Doing gourmet cooking at home can be one of life's greatest pleasures, at least if done every now and then and not all the time.

You must watch this segment of the Two Fat Ladies as Clarissa prepares artichokes. The Two Fat Ladies series ran for 3.5 seasons about 12 years, until Jennifer Paterson died of cancer. My all-time favourite cooking series, mainly due to their larger-than-life personalities.

Jason Shaw said...

Gosh what an amazingly pretty meal.

Bobby said...

Looks absolutely delicious...I'll be over next time.

wcs said...

Looks tasty! You need to invite all your blogger buddies over for dinner. On the same night. ;)