Thursday, April 7, 2011

Peter Pansy

Ryan Landry has announced his newest production, Peter Pansy: A musical adventure in faggotry. I have to admit that Landry's musicals tend to be my favorite so I'll be lining up to see this latest production.

Performance information:
Dates May 6th - May 29th
Times Friday & Saturday nights at 8pm
Location 1254 Boylston Street (Machine)
Tickets: $35 general seating / $45 VIP seating
You can purchase tickets to his latest production here.

About Peter Pansy
Peter Pansy is a very mischievous boy who not only has the ability to fly but swishes quite effeminately while doing so! ... Move over Billy Elliot! Living out his never ending childhood on the island of Provincetonia, Peter Pansy is the leader of all things lavender!

When our hero ventures into the "real world" looking for his lost eye shadows he meets the not so darling, Darling children. Wendy - a chronic masturbator, John - a cross dressing academic and Michael - a post pubescent baby. Before you can say Charles Nelson Reilly, Peter gets them all hooked on "Pixie Dust" and up they go... following Peter back to his mythical homeland and a slew of adventures that would make even Michael Jackson spin in his grave!

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