Sunday, April 3, 2011

Patti LuPone in Boston

Tonight, I'm going to see Patti LuPone perform her show The Gypsy in my soul at Symphony Hall. Earlier today a friend offered the extra pair after the couple who originally bought them realized they had a conflict and would not be able to attend. I'm no Broadway aficionado, but Patti LuPone is legendary so I'm looking forward to tonight's performance. Look Mom - I'm trying new things and 'broadening my horizons'.

According to the write-up, Patti LuPone will be accompanied by a 10-piece band and will sing songs from musicals including Gypsy, Anything Goes, and Oliver. I'm sure I won't recognize many of the songs, but I certainly look forward to the performance; hopefully she'll also sing "Don't Cry for me Argentina".

Posting Update
I've just returned from the Patti LuPone show in Boston at Symphony Hall, and I have to say it was BRILLIANT. I really couldn't believe how beautiful she sang and was surprised when the 2 hour show ended. I have a terrible memory so I can't recall all the songs she performed, but if tickets are available in your town - I'd really recommend checking out her show.


Bob said...

We're going to see her in Atlanta next month.
Oh, and she'll sing "Don't Cry For Me....".
No doubt.

Mark said...

Love Patti! Saw her in Gypsy on Broadway and she was amazing. We also listened to her bio on tape on a road trip. Very cool!

88d30918-5e47-11e0-8d04-000bcdca4d7a said...

Once you see her live, you will LOVE LuPone. I've seen her in more shows than I can count, and I've never been disappointed. Have fun!