Monday, April 25, 2011

Restaurant Review: PICCO

PICCO (short for Pizza & Ice Cream Co.) is a very casual restaurant open for lunch and dinner with a large patio overlooking Tremont Street in the South End. Although they are best known for their pizzas (which are excellent) and their homemade ice cream, the restaurant features other delicious options all reasonably priced and well made.

Because of the reasonable price-point and menu, PICCO generally has a lot of tables with young children. This is a place to grab a quick bite or order for take out, and the restaurant seems to recognize and embrace this. Prices are less than most restaurants in the neighborhood. One can have an entire meal (appetizer, main course and dessert) for less than $25.00 - if you share a pizza the average price drops below $20.00.

On my most recent visit I opted to have fish tacos which are delicious. One order comes with 3 flour tacos filled with flaky white fish, cabbage, black beans, chilies, avocado, chipotle vinaigrette & cilantro; total cost $14.00

It is hard to visit PICCO without indulging your sweet tooth. On many summer evenings I've been known to find all sort of excuses to walk by PICCO so I can order an ice cream to go. On this occasion I shared the decadently delicious dark chocolate brownie sundae ($7.50), which is so large it really should be shared.
PICCO is located at 513 Tremont Street in the South End (617)927 0066
Reservations not required walk-in table service available.
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A Lewis said...

Hey man, I can't remember....are you on you do your reviews on Yelp? You should! It all sounds lovely...especially that ice cream. Well, except for the children....that doesn't entice me at all.

xojmo said...

Is it bad that I sort of giggled when I read "fish tacos"?