Sunday, April 17, 2011

Do you like me? Do you really, really like me?

Pardon the weak attempt to mock / paraphrase Sally Field's famous line from her acceptance speech at the Oscars, but I couldn't resist. In an attempt to further my assimilation to facebook (because that is sort of how it feels), I'm embracing the application to the best of my ability and have placed this icon under each of my posts.

In theory, readers who click on this "like" icon will help me further tie my blog to facebook, but I remain somewhat suspect and unsure how. However, I have complete faith in Thom who helped me place the icon on my blog and want to thank him for his help and patience yesterday with all my facebook questions. Alas even this Mac / techie guru was not able to achieve what I was hoping (and assumed would be so easy to do). Who knew I maintained such high expectations? For the record that was a rhetorical question... I can only imagine the witty responses of friends and family to such an open ended question.

Anyway, have a wonderful Sunday.


Nick said...

got u on FB and twitter ;)

WranglerMan said...

Yes, I really, really like you!