Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gay fiction book reviews

I've been reading a fair amount of gay fiction lately and wanted to write about two books for anyone looking for something to read. The first book, Catch Me If You Can by LB Gregg was a surprisingly funny and quick read. In just over 200 pages Gregg weaves a tale told from the perspective of Caesar Romano, "a lowly gallery assistant" who is living with his grandmother in New York City. Returning to work the following morning after a particularly successful gallery opening, Caesar realizes all is not right when a Justin Timberlake bust from the collection is missing. What ensues is an entertaining mystery full of miscommunications, misunderstandings and a hint of romance. If you are looking for a light and easy read, this is one worth trying.

The Silver Hearted is a darker, less straight forward story than the previous book. Billed as an updated gay-themed version of Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, this 200+ page book is less transparent and more ominous. The parallels to Conrad's classic are obvious (maybe too obvious). However, the author, David McConnell, is a gifted writer and he quickly pulled me in with his exotic settings and strange characters. Similar to the classic a sense of confusion and foreboding persists throughout. Where this book definitely deviates from Conrad’s is the gay theme, which is subtly introduced and beautifully written. The sexual tension between the main character and a young deck hand is the real story and becomes more enthralling with each passing chapter.

I hope that by providing two very different options, one may speak to you and you will go to your local library or bookstore to take-out or buy a copy. If possible, I’d like to encourage other avid readers to support their local libraries which have been strapped for cash and can certainly use your patronage or if owning a personal copy is important – consider going to your local bookstore. Too many local bookshops have had to close shop in recent years.


WranglerMan said...

Thanks, buddy!

May I suggest "The Fall?" It is the first novel of Ryan Quinn. It's the story of three college friends, a violinist, a football player, and a film student.

RAD said...

good --going on holiday in a few weeks and need some books!