Sunday, April 10, 2011

Guys in Kilts

Well to be specific, a guy in a kilt (click on picture to enlarge). My friend opted to wear a traditional Scottish kilt to the black tie affair Fenway Health Men's Event. No comment on what was under the kilt, but lets just say all the guys who decided to wear a kilt (and there were quite a few) were comfortable and not nearly as warm as the rest of us in our tuxedos.

I've assembled a quick video you can view on YouTube "Fenway Men's Event 2011" or you can watch it in the post below this one.


Rick said...

Sounds like a wonderful event.

Enjoy the warmer weather!

SteveA said...

My partner is Scottish and he just wore a kilt to a black tie as well! It's so sexy! There's of course proper protocol in "inquiring" about going commando!

Wonder Man said...


Jesse said...

I love this photo of us! Thanks! <3

-The Guy in the Kilt