Friday, April 22, 2011

Show the earth some love

My Earth Day resolution is to stop buying bottled water.
What will you do to show the earth some love?

The Facts About Bottled Water
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A Lewis said...

Yay Momma Earth! You go, gurl!

Rob from VA said...

From what I have heard, bottled water isn't much different (if it's different at all) from tap water. I stick with a water bottle. Just make sure it's not one of the cheap plastic ones (like what bottled water comes in) because they can only be reused but so often before the plastic breaks down and gets into the water.


Stan in NH said...

Nice poster. Thanks for supporting Earth Day. I expected more chatter on the web, but it was rather silent. We need more effort and appreciate yours.

Rob from VA said...

I barely knew that it was Earth Day. No one really did any coverage about it (at least the outlets that I', connected to).


Kyle said...

As hubby said, that's a great poster. Good for you on the bottled water decision! I don't think you will miss it. Thanks for doing an Earth day post Bosguy.