Monday, April 11, 2011

Restaurant Review: Legal Sea Foods

Without a doubt, Legal Sea Foods (or Legal's as locals refer to it) is Boston's best known, homegrown restaurant chain. Tourists often have this on their list of places to try even though restaurants are now in 9 states. A dinner at a Boston area Legal's will run you approximately $40.00pp (starter, main plate and dessert) no alcohol or tip included. If the dinner prices are too steep, visit for lunch and you can dine for a bit less cash. Tonight, I ate at the Prudential Mall location and started with 1/2 dozen oysters. I devoured the Prince Edward Island and Cape Cod oysters within minutes. All were delicious but I prefer the P.E.I.'s (they are personal favorites).

1/2 Dozen Oysters: $13.95

Following the oysters I had fish-n-chips which is really quite excellent. Legal's seems to always use just the right amount of batter and never overcook the fish. It's a great value - less than most entrees and its incredibly filling. My plate came with 6 large fillets which left me more than stuffed and only too happy to have a mile walk home to help digest everything.

Fish-n-Chips: $16.95

Service can vary depending on the location you go, but the staff at the Prudential was attentive and helpful. Our waitress accommodated a few special requests and made some helpful suggestions when ordering. The food at Legal's is consistently good and worth trying should you have a hankering for sea food.

Legal Sea Food: Multiple Locations
Reservations: Not necessary but suggested
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SteveA said...

I've eaten at that same restaurant when I visit! I also had the fish and chips ummmmm! There's also one in Miami which I think I will visit when I'm there this weekend!

Wonder Man said...

love some fish and chips