Saturday, June 4, 2011

Red Sox message to GLBT youth: It Gets Better

Last month I wrote about Sam Maden a 12 year old who created an online petition to ask the Boston Red Sox to make an It Gets Better video in support of bullied LGBT youth. You can read the post here.

After more than 9,000 fans signed the online petition Susan Goodenow, SVP of Public Affairs and Marketing for the Red Sox announced today that my home team will become the 3rd major league baseball team following the San Francisco Giants and Chicago Cubs to make an It Gets Better video.

To celebrate, I've added this piece of baseball eye candy I swiped from the David Dust blog.

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Buddy Bear said...

Baseball eye candy indeed! And, boy, those baseball pants cling so...

Oh, yes, fantastic news about the 'It gets better' video. Those hot jocks are much admired, if not idolized, by so many people, especially teenagers. The fact that they are doing the video to support LGBT kids will have a huge impact.