Thursday, June 23, 2011

51 year old marries 16 year old: Must be love

Recently a 51 year old actor married a 16 year old girl. Anderson Cooper provides an insightful and rather humorous take on the relationship, bride and groom and parents. Its worth the watch.

I might add that currently the NY State Legislature is debating if same sex marriage should be recognized. Many opponents claim that recognizing marriage between two men or women makes a mockery of the institution and takes away from their own marriage. Hmmm... is it really the gay community that is making a mockery of the institution of marriage? I think not. I'd like to get your thoughts if you have any to share.

Thank you to Rob from VA where I found the video.


Ace said...

First of all, I hate the way she says, "Real." "Rill." Not really right.

I love that she sees it as a point of pride that she's never done porn at the age of 16. That's not a moral issue, that's a legal one. As in: she shouldn't even have been given the opportunity to do porn at that age.

And frankly this whole thing is just dumb. How, as a father, do you let your daughter marry someone older than you are? There is something wrong with these people. I'm not sure what's up, but there's gotta be more to the story. Like a cash payment.

Stan in NH said...

Crazy insane. Sure. But Anderson gives the story a totally cool treatment that keeps it "rill."
Just saying...