Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Food truck phenomenon

The Boston Globe has a pretty cool listing on its site today regarding the sudden popularity of food trucks. This trend first started out in southern California (as nearly all automotive trends seem to) and has over the past few years worked its way East. Starting a couple of years ago you'd have been hard pressed to name a food truck (unless your favorite ice cream truck counts). However, now they seem to be everywhere.

Beware, not all food trucks are equal either. Depending on your diet and preferences, some of these food trucks which often specialize in certain food preparations, can seem a bit kooky. I'm pretty lucky because there are always many food trucks attending SoWa Open Market. I have a couple of personal favorites now, but I'm curious to find out if you too have tried any of the food trucks you see around Boston. If you are not from Boston, do tell... Is this something you've noticed in your city or when I say food truck are you scratching your head wondering what the heck I'm referring to.

For more information about the phenomenon, check out's Guide to the best food trucks in Boston


Dwight Supremacy said...

I like the food truck idea, but I'll probably be waiting 5-10 years for the phenomenon to hit Pittsburgh. :)

Wonder Man said...

it is so big in LA. We have a lot of them

wcs said...

That's odd. I remember food trucks in the late 1970's around Capitol Park in Albany. Every summer there were more and more. My favorite was the Greek truck where they sold souvlaki and baklava. Maybe it's a NY thing?

Pac said...

I'd heard that the resurgence in the popularity of food trucks is partially linked with the use of twitter as a means of advertising their menus and scheduled routes. Some people follow their favorite street vendors, quite literally.

Hopefully next time you're in Atlanta, they'll let you break away long enough to join me for lunch!