Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Restaurant Review: : Zócalo Back Bay

Zócalo, a Mexican restaurant recently opened in space previously occupied by Stix. The restaurant can accommodate 50+ inside but has a large patio for al fresco dining for lunch or dinner. Zócalo is owned by chef Erwin Ramos who also owns the very successful, Olé Mexican Grill in Cambridge.

Over the past year, Boston has seen several new Mexican restaurants open. Boston has not embraced Mexican cuisine and until recently, I could only name 2-3 Mexican restaurants in the area. So take my review with a grain of salt because my exposure to Mexican cuisine is limited at best. I've noted that the reviews of this new restaurant are very mixed, but my experience was pleasant from start to finish.

Dinner at Zócalo including an appetizer, main dish and dessert (no drink or tip included) will cost approximately $30.00 - $35.00 per person. Main dishes range from $17.00-$23.00.

Before our meal, I started with a delicious martini at the downstairs bar. My friends all indulged in a variety of margaritas; of which the passion fruit seemed the best. The service, starting with the bartender and including the patient waitress who helped us with our meal, was good from start to finish. While waiting for the main dishes to come out it was suggested we order sides of guacamole and salsa. These proved to be my favorite part of the meal. If dinner is not an option, grabbing some drinks and delving into the oversized portions of guacamole or homemade salsa is a great alternative.

For my main I opted for the chile rellenos. I thought the two roasted poblano peppers were very good. One was stuffed with cheese, spinach, raisins and almonds and the other with braised pork. The dinner also comes with a side of black beans and plantains, which strangely, I did not care for. The cheese on the beans tasted off and the plantains were too tough.

Chile Rellenos - $19.95

If you are looking to try someplace different or have a hankering for Mexican cuisine, give this place a try. The inside is very nice, the staff was friendly and in good weather you can make use of their oversized patio. Should you go, let me know your thoughts.

Zócalo is located at 35 Stanhope Street (617) 456-7849
Reservations not required but strongly recommended
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Blobby said...

I'm not sure if it is a common name or a chain, but Cleveland has one.

I was ok with the food - kind of. But the service SUCKED. So bad that it's never been an option to go back.

Ain't that sad?

Anonymous said...

It is very common name and there are many around the cities. Boston one worth the trip.