Thursday, June 16, 2011

Next stop wonderland

Last week I posted a quick video of some filming that took place outside my apartment. Ever since Massachusetts signed into law a tax credit for filming crews, the state and Boston in particular have had what seems to be a never ending stream of movies filmed here.

Long before the tax credit a small, independent film called Next Stop Wonderland was filmed here by B.U. alum and film director Brad Anderson. The trailer below shows Erin Castleton played by Hope Davis, talking with her meddling mother, played by Holland Taylor. Using Boston as a backdrop and a bossa nova inspired soundtrack, the movie asks the audience do you think love is driven by fate or circumstance.

So enjoy the clip and let me know what you think. Is finding love a matter of serendipity?

*For those too young to know, before there was manhunt, grindr or scruff there was something called the personals which most local papers carried. Watch the movie and you can see what dating and single life was like before the internet really took off.

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Liam said...

My god, the old land line phones... Growing up we had a suuuuper long cord that could stretch to almost every room on the first floor of my parents' house.