Friday, June 3, 2011

Know your gay history w/ Varla Jean Merman

Varla is the bastard, love child of Ernest Borgnine and Ethel Merman and one of my favorite drag queens. Every year she has one of the best shows in Provincetown. If you won't be able to make it to Ptown this year, you can see a collection of her videos on her YouTube channel.

A few years ago Varla created a video called Varla Jean Merman's Stonewall for the gay cable TV channel, Logo. Since its Pride Month, I thought I'd share this entertaining video for all those unfamiliar with how Pride came to be celebrated in the month of June. Apologies that the resolution of this video isn't better.


Bob said...

She's dragtastic!

Anonymous said...

You have one of the best blogs. I really enjoy reading it and have learned so much about Boston and all the interesting events + happenings.