Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sam Maden - A GLBT ally who won't be ignored

With summer so close, bullying in schools may not seem as pressing, but that's not how Sam Maden, a 12 year old from Nashua, NH sees it. This young man has started a petition asking the Boston Red Sox to make an "It Gets Better" video. Apparently the idea came after his 43 year old uncle Chris died unexpectedly. Chris had given Sam a necklace from the Trevor Project, and according to Sam's mother, Sam wears it every day in memory of his uncle.

Looking to local sports heroes to speak up for LGBT youth and to end bullying seems like a brilliant idea considering the lingering reputation of homophobia linked to many sports organizations. I don't know about you but I take great heart that such a young man can be so passionate about such a worthwhile cause. Who knows if the Red Sox will heed Sam's petition but I would certainly appreciate it if you would help spread the word and help Sam's wish come true.

How can you help? Sign his petition here (it only takes a minute) and spread the word.


WranglerMan said...

You're a good man, BosGuy!

Bob said...

Done, and done.
Posted it to my Facebook so we can get other signatures.