Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh crap...let the self loathing begin

A few weeks ago I inquired if people worked out for reasons of health or vanity. Most people (me included) cited a combination as the source / inspiration to get ourselves to the gym. Unfortunately, April and May in Boston have been filled with rain and cloudy skies with too few days of sun and warmth. As a result, I've not been as diligent with my gym routine. Interestingly in the month of March (when it was still freezing here) I was coupling my gym routines with my trainer with interim work outs and runs that made me feel great. Back then it was the promise of spring that motivated me. However, when the warm up never materialized, my drive faltered and my focus got fuzzy.

With the exception of last week and most of this week, I have continued to maintain my gym routine with my trainer, Stu, and starting tomorrow, I plan to get my sorry butt to the gym - boy will that be a day of reckoning. I'm using the combination of serious eye-candy in this post coupled with the horror that June is now two weeks away to motivate me; nothing like using both the carrot and the whip to get me back on track. I hope that you will reach out and leave a comment, email or tweet to let me know how you are doing. As I've said before - misery certainly does appreciate company.


Mark Mann said...

Just don't get so lost in the pleasures of the carrot and the whip that you forget to go to the gym ;)

I'm right there with you trying to up my workout with June looming - nice to know we'll be grunting together this week.

Todd X. said...

I'm desperate to find some sort of motivation to incorporate exercise into my weekly routine (which currently consists of work, sofa and iPad, and bed). This can't be a sustainable lifestyle, but I'm grateful for my high metabolism. Beyond eye-candy, how do you get started?

MadPriest said...

I must say you are looking good after all this exercise.
That is you in the photo, isn't it? :-)

BosGuy said...

Thanks Mark.

Hey Todd -
the only way I've found to be consistent w/ my gym routine is to hire a trainer. I suppose it takes different things to motivate and keep people focused. The trick is finding what works for you.

Hello MadPriest -
I wish that was me. Not only am I not that young, I've never had a body quite like that. If you scroll down you'll see me in a few of the posts.


WranglerMan said...

Let the Santa Speedo Run be your inspiration, my friend! We are meeting this summer. I will come to PTown to get your pretty little butt in gear! How's that for inspiration? What say your followers?

thegayte-keeper said...

I collect images of men as inspiration all the time, but I go mostly for my health!