Monday, May 9, 2011

Men of Twitter

I'm a fan of Twitter. I love how quick and easy it is to use and connect with people. Another perk is what I'll refer to as the "Men of Twitter" since there are so many handsome guys. Adding to their attraction is the fact they only talk in 140 characters.

Each Monday I post #MenOfTwitter profiles that catch my eye and whom I think you may enjoy following.As always, suggestions for profiles to feature are welcome and if you'd like to follow me, you can find me at @BosGuy. Below are a few more #MenOfTwitter you may want to follow.
ColeStreets twitter profile claims he loves life, french fries and hot boys. Well Cole, I’d have to add you to that list because I love observing your tweets to the many sexy men who follow you on twitter. I never get tired of reading what you are up to (or with whom).

LargeTony living large with Tony, quite possibly the sweetest guy in all of TN. This man is full of surprises. His blog entries more closely resemble poetry, but as many of you know there’s a more playful side to Tony which he shares on Twitter and his Tumblr site.
AlekandSteph bring a sense of style to twitter with their tweets of luxurious destinations and objects of desire which they include in their online magazines, and As fashion photographers, they bring a degree of sophistication and fantasy that I love.

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Nick said...

you always find the hottest guys

Corve said...

another hit

Greg said...

Who can argue with these choices?

Anonymous said...

Tony, Tony, Tony... Living large and loving every inch of him.

Love me some Large Tony.

Wonder Man said...

Tony is a hottie

Anonymous said...

Love Cole's chest... more guys w/ chest hair please.

Ranganath said...

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