Thursday, May 12, 2011

SF Transamerica Building and Coit Tower

The conference I'm attending officially kicked off last night with a cocktail reception in the Crown Room on the top floor of the Fairmont San Francisco, some 20+ stories high. The room is filled with huge windows providing spectacular views of the San Francisco skyline and Bay. Unfortunately, my phone died before the gorgeous sunset behind the Golden Gate bridge, but I've included two photos from earlier in the evening (sorry the camera quality in my phone leaves a lot to be desired).

Transamerica Pyramid opened in the early 70s and is as important to the SF skyline as the John Hancock is in Boston. Its unique design and iconic stature is even more amazing to see from the Crown Room at the Fairmont.

Coit Tower is the second photo and its a bit further off in the distance, but this art deco tower is one of my favorite SF landmarks and I couldn't resist snapping another picture of this beautiful tower.

Transamerica Pyramid

Coit Tower


Todd X. said...

Welcome back to SF! I'm glad we are rolling out the sunshine for you. If you're out and about and have questions, you can ask via Twitter. @toddx

Have fun!

Fresco said...

Coit Tower is the first thing I visited when I was in SF. At the top, I saw the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time. It was a magical moment.