Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My South End coffee shops

Residents of the South End will be quick to point out that I'm overlooking several beloved coffee shops, but after surviving what can only be described as a brutal winter followed by a cold, rainy spring, I've not ventured far to get my coffee fix. Fortunately, my neighborhood makes it easy to grab a cup of joe.

Within a two block radius, I have four coffee shops; each in their own right attract a strong and loyal following. The four profiled today are: Mohr & McPherson Cafe, The Greenlight Cafe, Wholy Grain, and The South End Buttery.

Mohr & McPherson Cafe
460 Harrison AvenueThis coffee shop is located inside Mohr & McPherson and is easily accessed from the parking lot. Furnished and decorated entirely with the beautiful Asian antiques from the store, this has the funkiest of vibes. The cafe serves good coffee (my favorite local tea MEM) and a variety of sandwiches, salads and treats. Best of all - they provide 50% off same day baked goods starting at 3PM. The free wireless and comfy seats makes this among the neighborhoods best kept secrets.

Greenlight Cafe
560 Harrison AvenueGreenlight's food is from the delicious kitchen of Gaslight Brasserie. As a result, this cafe offers a wide selection of food, snacks and treats. There is ample seating, great natural light and a patio in good weather to enjoy. The coffee is the same you would find at any of the Aquitaine Group restaurants and the staff is friendly and fun (I love Izzy). Greenlight provides 50% off all their baked goods starting at 4pm. Note that this cafe is only open until 5pm and is closed on weekends.

The Wholy Grain
275 Shawmut AvenueThis is the latest coffee shop to open near my house. Located just diagonally across the street from the Franklin Cafe, this tiny coffee house is cutely remodeled with outdoor seating in the front. The space also has a back which provides the owners the option of creating an additional, more private patio. Of all the cafes, this probably has the fewest options, but what they serve is delicious and worth trying. The sweets are all over sized and I'm a sucker for their Jordan Marsh blueberry muffins. Like their rivals, they too offer free wireless.

South End Buttery Cafe
314 Shawmut AvenueThis cafe which has expanded into a full-fledged restaurant was one of the first to open in the section of the south end that I call home. It replaced another coffee shop and thanks to the efforts of the owner it is completely transformed (for the better). The food options, coffees and teas are all delicious (they too serve MEM tea). In addition, they provide outdoor seating, wireless and a constant stream of patrons which make this the best of the bunch for people watching.

Other notable coffee shops
As I mentioned above, since there are so many places to choose from in my neighborhood, I only focussed on the four that are within two blocks of my place. However, other neighborhood favorites include: Berkeley Perk Cafe, Flour and Francesca's. Now that the weather is a bit nicer out I might even venture beyond my two-block radius to be tempted by their flavorful brews and tasty treats.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Jaho Coffee - it just opened down Washington St and is excellent.

Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic said...

Hi! I found your blog via the Boston.com feature. Lucky you to live in the South End. That's my second favorite neighborhood (I have to stay loyal to where I live, which is my top fave). Love South End Buttery. Did you know the cupcakes are named after the owners' dogs? :)

Tracey said...

That's it. I am moving back to the South End!

Anonymous said...

I agree that the author should check out Jaho. I didn't know it existed until I read about it on Universal Hub today. I walked over to check it out (it's only one block from my apt) and ordered an iced cafe americano. I think it's the best coffee in the neighborhood. My only complaint is that the prices are a little on the high side.

Mohr McPherson has a great space, good coffee and food options at all price ranges. They have vegan options, too, I believe. I prefer Wholy Grain's baked goods to flour's. Buttery has okay coffee, I've always thought their baked goods were overpriced and not a great value.

Dave Daniels said...

You're so lucky to have four NICE coffee shops. Here in the West Fens, we have NONE.
Oh, wait, we have Dunkin Donuts located in the gas station on the corner of Boylston and Park Drive.
Great reviews.

BosGuy said...

I will definitely check out Jaho... I've been to their shop in Salem, MA (if its the same group) and like their coffee. The proximity to Flour will be a challenge for them, but I love the fact that there is another choice (and so close to me)!

Lenny Donnarumma said...

I was just reading about Jaho. Lots of additions to the So End. Nice to see. . .

Phil said...

You should also check out the Uptown Cafe on Columbus and Wellington Street.